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What to Prepare for Your Project Development or Web Development?

What to Prepare for Your Project Development or Web DevelopmentLet's begin by identifying what we mean by Project Development. Whenever you need to produce a system that has a database with either task, item or other information tracking, this is a project development job. It can be an store inventory system, online catalog, task distribution system, e-commerce backoffice management software. All those and similar cases, require a program that will be able to take data, process it and give you, or customers, precise output as to the information's current status. 

To produce an efficient, functional and intuitive software platform that will suit your company’s needs, we will require to identify those needs beforehand. The more specific the information you give us is, the more precise and efficient the resulting platform will be. 

Here are things we need you to define in advance for your project development:

Data Processing and Flow - this is the most basic thing that needs to be outlined. It is all about data, and we will need to either have a look at an existing system to see how to fix, upgrade or refine it, or create a new one from the ground up.

  • Existing Project - existing systems need to be updated and upgraded every now and again, making them more flexible, introducing new functions, and connecting them to other parts of your operation. For us to be able to do this for you, we will need to know two things - what the current problems are, and what you are happy about in the current configuration.  

  • New Project - the project is in its planning stage and you need to develop it from scratch. We can definitely do this for you, and we need to have two things - a detailed flowchart of the process you want the software to perform, and the number of users who have access to the system. Defining their levels of access and authorisations will be a part of this process as well. 

Security Preferences and Specifications - this will depend on the difference between an open system and a restricted one. An example of a (partially) open system, is the backoffice of an e-commerce website (integrated into its web development structure as it is), allowing users to make purchases that will directly influence the database, check on item availability or track a shipped parcel. There are examples of systems for internal use only, such as storage catalogues, that only authorized employees can access and are not open to the public. There are also systems that can be only viewed online, but accessed by authorized personnel only from a remote private connection. Basically, the distinction will be between three categories of access:

1.Internal use Only

2.Open to Public, Internet Access

3.Available on Internet via Private Network Only

Those three categories do not influence so much the mechanics of the project development mechanics, as much as the level of security that will need to be applied to the system, in order to keep your information safe. We hope this clarifies things for you and will help you in planning out your web project development. If you still have any questions that you need to clarify, feel free to call or shoot us an email and we will be glad to assist. 

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