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Web Development And Web Marketing - Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Web Development and Web MarketingWhen we talk about web development and web marketing, we have to realize that the practices are connected. Those two separate parts of your web presence are interlinked, while working in different ways. In this article we will give you an overview of what they are and in what way they complement each other in promoting your business.

Web Development

For the sake of this discussion and to simplify things, let’s include web design under web development. For the difference between those, see the previously published article "Web Design and Web Development Explained".

Web development consists of several main components:

1. The way your Website Represents you Visually. This is critically important, since a visitor will take under three seconds to decide if he likes your website or not. If they do - they will stay, browse and shop. If not - they will leave and likely never come back again. Investing in your website`s appearance, therefore, is of great importance.

2.The User Experience on your Website. The website is your store. The content is what`s on the shelves, but the arrangement of the shelves should be convenient, not only appealing. If the user can easily navigate your website, access its different sections and find everything he or she needs, they are more likely to enjoy it and keep on browsing.

3. The Quality of your Content. This is what`s on the store shelves. Make your copy interesting and well written. Invest in enticing, beautiful video materials and impress your visitors as much as possible. Be sure to keep things honest, but represent your business in the best way possible. Make it shine.

Web Marketing

This is the other side of the coin, since once your web shop is set up, the question is - how do you get customers to visit it? In the old, pre-web, world, the store would sit on the street and people would pretty much wander into it. Bigger companies ran TV commercials, and people would go to their stores and buy their wares.

But what do you do when your "store" is online?

The answer is Web Marketing. In order to get people to visit your well-developed and beautifully designed website, you need to promote it. There are several ways to achieve this result, which we will be discussing in detail in future articles, but which mostly boil down to making sure you are visible online.

What does it mean? Here are a few options for web marketing that will gain you visitors to the site:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a means of "jumping" your site to the first pages in a Google Search for a certain keyphrase. It is essential for websites that promote services such as renovations, dental care, child day care and similar businesses that want to be found locally.

2. Social Media is great if you run a site that sells things or services online. Generating interest on Facebook, Twitter and other such services can gain you the needed attention.

3. Paid Ads are also a method that works for online sales, also responding to key phrases or groups of interest.

We hope this was helpful and interesting. Stay with us, the next articles will be detailing Social Media Strategies, methods of SEO, and the types of content to invest in.

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