Project Objectives: Design and develop an attractive, dynamic website for Toronto-based architecture firm Array Group

Project Highlights:

Architecture is all about marrying form and function - making buildings that look good but also work well for their inhabitants, providing sufficient space and flow for their daily activities while remaining comfortable and sustainable. When it came to producing a website for renowned international architects Array Group, we took our cue from them to create a website that was both attractive and dynamic. With photos prominently displayed on the homepage and an extensive gallery, users can immediately see the visual impact of Array's buildings, plans, and interior designs. A picture's worth a thousand words, and our responsive site design allows users to select and scroll through images of Array's many varied projects, immediately giving them a feel for the range and skill of the company's work.

White text on a black background with highlights of red speaks to the company's logo and brand while also creating high contrast for easy on-screen readability. The black background also provides an ideal setting for viewing the colourful, high-resolution photos of Array's beautiful projects. Short chunks of text outline the major services, design and customer service philosophies, and experience of key personnel. A contact form allows users to input their information and send a message securely directly from the site.

Clean HTML and PHP code, accented with JavaScript and Ajax technologies and run from a MySQL database, keeps the website running smoothly and quickly despite the large amount of dynamic, interactive, non-text content.

Project Technologies:

PHP, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, Ajax