Project Objectives: Design and develop website

Clean Beyond Green Portfolio Project Highlights

Sustainability is a key factor in increasing both environmental and economic performance for companies and communities. It is more than just a process, it is an idea, a guiding principle, a way to success - through caring for the environment. As more and more financial enterprises become aware that the environmental is the new economical, they seek out the help of sustainability experts to reduce their eco footprint and make their operations more efficient to maximize profits the same time.

For this website we used crisp, fresh colors with soft gradients and a flowing, easy to read text format. The use of smooth sans-serif fonts makes the text flow and be pleasant to the eye, making it stand out by the interplay of text color and background, which is mostly green and grey on white.

In the overall design, green, being the staple color for any environment oriented project, is supplemented by tones of purple and blue, to convey the feeling of cleanliness and spring blossom. Within the pleasant and comforting color frame, we set up a well defined menu with meticulously structured information. The result is a site that conveys the purity of nature on the outside, with a focused, down to earth business attitude in its core.

In addition to the detailed section menu above, the site structure has an easy to see bottom menu bar with four sections of its own: Assessment, Recommendations, Implementation and Sustainment. This menu is visible on all pages and paves a clear way in the right direction, making the company's services accessible at the click of a button while at the same time containing the four main repeatable steps of making an operation sustainable and efficient.

Project Technologies

PHP, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, Ajax